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Using a Free Audi VIN Decoder to Discover Vehicle History

Unlocking the History of Audi VIN Decoders

Under the Volkswagen Group, Audi utilizes the same numbering system that applies throughout all the automaker family’s brands.  As one of the oldest German brands, Audi is known for its performance and luxury, and an Audi VIN decoder can help you uncover important information about your particular vehicle.  If you are researching a pre-owned vehicle, performing an Audi VIN decoding can verify if the VIN provided is authentic, as well as unveil imperative car history.  In addition, an Audi VIN will allow you to order the exact same parts for your specific vehicle.

An Audi VIN is located on the driver’s doorjamb, as well as on the sticker above the dashboard on the driver’s side of the windshield.  Depending on the model, there are other places the VIN can be located.  On the Audi A3, for example, the VIN plate is located on the housing for the offside suspension, as well as on the interior of the offside wing, inside the boot compartment.   On the engine of the A3, the VIN is stamped on the top of the bulkhead’s center, but may also be located on either side, and there usually is a plastic covering surrounding the plate.

How to Manually Perform a free Audi VIN Decoding?

Before the digital advent, a free VIN decoder would be performed manually, using source books to associate each digit with its assigned meaning.   The World Manufacturer Identifier is contained in the first three digits, which shows the manufacturing country or final point of assembly, the name of the manufacturer, and the division.  The car’s body type, as well as the types of engine, transmission, restraint and safety system, is indicated in the fourth through eighth digits.

The “check” digit is the ninth number in the sequence, and law enforcement utilizes this number to ascertain if a VIN may be illegitimate.   An Audi VIN decoding of the tenth digit identifies the year of the car, and the eleventh digit shows the assembly plant.

The last six digits for an Audi engine VIN decoder will be uniquely associated with only that particular vehicle.  Specifically, these digits represent which number the car was in coming off the assembly line.  For example, if the last six digits are 188001, this vehicle would be the 188,001th one produced in that plant for that model in that year.

Valuable Audi Data from an Online VIN Decoder

When you perform a VIN decoder search online, you no longer need to utilize source books to dissect the 17-digit VIN number.  VINCheckPro automatically runs the VIN through its databases and returns all of the pertinent information for the vehicle, including the production country, manufacturer, make and model, manufacturing year, assembly plant, as well as the type of engine, transmission, safety, and restraint systems.

Taking this information from the free VIN check, you can verify it against the vehicle you are considering.  Do all of the specifications match up correctly?  If there are discrepancies, this is a warning flag that you may have been provided with fraudulent VIN, which occurs if the seller is attempting to hide the car’s history.

In addition to providing identifying data, a free VIN number check with will research through more than 40 million records to provide you with a car history.  Analyzing government records from the federal, state, and local levels, along with private insurance records and title records, an Audi VIN decoder search through VINCheckPro can show you:

An Audi engine VIN decoding through VINCheckPro can provide invaluable information in verifying the authenticity of a VIN and revealing a car’s hidden history.