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Uncover your car’s hidden secrets with a free VIN check!

Vehicle Specifications

Verify the year of manufacture, country of origin, trim, vehicle and fuel type, and other technical features

Title History & Title Brands

Search title status, previous registrations in and out-of-state, and any title brand issued by the local state DMVs

Sales & Lien Records

Review previous sales listings and corresponding prices, and verify whether there is a claim to ownership by a finance company

Accident & Theft Records

Check for any report of minor and major accidents as well as theft and theft recoveries reports based on DMV and police reports

A vehicle identification number (VIN) check is a great way to get information about a car’s history. It can help you avoid potential car fraud and protect yourself from buying a vehicle with hidden issues. Make sure you look up your VIN and get a vehicle history report before investing in a vehicle. It’s a smart and practical step that can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. You can either perform a VIN check by make or VIN check by state.

How Can I Get a Free VIN Check?

VINCheckPro offers free VIN check reports sourced from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information (NMVTIS), partners, non-profit organizations, and leaders in the automotive industry. This amalgamation results in one of the most comprehensive, clear, and accurate vehicle history reports available. Here’s how it works:

  1. You enter a valid VIN number with 17 digits and we confirm whether VINCheckPro has records available for this vehicle.
  2. We pull your VIN check report from our data sources, and highlight important information to help make the report easier to understand.
  3. You create an account with VINCheckPro. It takes just a couple minutes to sign up. Your reports are updated and saved to your account so you can check back as often as you want.
  4. We show you offers and recommendations that could save you money, like insurance saving and finance offers.
  5. If you take an offer from one of our advertising partners, we make money. If you don’t see any offer you like, no worries – You still get your free VIN check.

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