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Recall: Defective Sunroofs Continue To Plague Hyundai

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Vehicle Recalls

Hyundai will be notifying nearly 63,00 owners of 2015 and 2016 Hyundai Sonata’s about a recall soon. The recall affects vehicles with the panoramic glass sunroof when a fault was discovered after assembly. The recall will include both gasoline and hybrid models. If you are concerned your car may be part of the recall, a quick VIN check will provide the details.

The manufacturer discovered a wind deflector anchor plate did not bond correctly at the time of installation at the factory and can work its way loose. If this happens, it can interfere with the sunroof when it’s closing. If the owner decides to try to force it closed, that beautiful glass panel can pop off. As you might imagine, flying glass in traffic would be a bad idea.

According to Hyundai, there have been no reports of accidents, damage or injuries but to be safe, have asked for a recall to be issued. If you are shopping for a used car, ask the dealer to provide a free VIN check.

Hyundai Recall

A troubled past for Hyundai

Unfortunately for Hyundai owners, this problem is nothing new. Hyundai has a history of problem sunroofs, including panels shattering and raining shards of glass all over the inside of the car.

In 2015, Hyundai owner Billy Glenn filed a lawsuit after the sunroof in his 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport exploded shortly after purchasing the car. Glenn alleged in his lawsuit that Hyundai was aware of the problem but didn’t do anything to correct it.

Shattering sunroofs date back to December 2012 when the Hyundai Veloster was recalled for the same problem, complete with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opening an investigation.

Panoramic views or costly option?

Let’s take a moment and play devil’s advocate. Yes, panoramic sunroofs look great but do you need it? Car manufacturers are happy to include a feature such as sunroofs because it increases the cost of the car. But there are additional factors to consider as well.

The inside of your car will get even hotter

First, there’s the sun. The summer months can turn the interior of your car into an oven. Now consider the same weather conditions in a vehicle with a large panoramic sunroof. The car will be downright inhospitable. Car manufacturers usually include a sun shade that can be pulled back to help block the sun but even those don’t help much with high daytime temperatures.

Less room inside your car

Second, you will have less head room inside the car. Believe it or not, with all of the hardware needed for the installation of the glass, it actually reduces interior space. Make sure you test drive a car with a panoramic sunroof before making any purchase decision.

Heavier car equals poor handling

Third, is the additional weight. A large swath of glass, a sunshade, the additional structural material needed to strengthen the car, electric motors…you get the idea. It all adds up and makes the car heavier. This can impact gas mileage.

Plus, it’s always better for the heavier parts of a car to be as near to the road surface as possible. The additional weight on the upper part of the car will impact how your car handles. In addition, all the extra hardware can create potential problems and reliability issues over the long term.

A VIN check can help root out unrepaired recalls

Take a long look at the car models you are considering and the features available. Hyundai’s past history is an excellent example of why used car buyers should take advantage of a VIN check service like VIN Check Pro. With a simple search, buyers can find out if a car they are interested in buying has any outstanding recalls. And help you make a safe purchasing decision.

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