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Where To Find Good Used Cars Online

by | May 21, 2015 | Car Tips

With much of our business now conducted via the Internet, it makes sense that even good used cars would become available online. However, shopping for a used car can be nerve-wracking enough, without adding in the worry over buying a vehicle from a photograph on your computer screen. To make the process a bit less anxiety-provoking, it helps to know where others are finding good, reliable used cars online. Check out these options for Internet shopping for your next used vehicle.


This website is a collaboration between five print publications, Belo Corp., Tribune Co., The McClatchy Co., Gannett Co., and the Washington Post Co. However, private sellers can also post their classified ads directly to the website without going through any of the publication companies. Cars.com offers a fairly simple search function and easy-to-navigate website overall. The website also offers direct links to valuable resources like Kelley Blue Book and Carfax to pull vehicle history reports and free VIN lookup on the vehicles that look interesting. The website also offers a mobile app for shoppers on the go.


This online source for used cars has gotten a bad rap from some due to higher than average pricing by many of their sellers. However, AutoTrader is still one of the best established and best liked used car retailers on the Internet today. A favorite AutoTrader feature is the instinctive search tool that quickly takes shoppers to the vehicles they are most interested in. The website also features one of the best selections on the Internet, with more than 3 million vehicles listed by both dealers and private sellers.

eBay Motors

This add-on to eBay is becoming a popular way for individuals to negotiate used car deals without any awkward face-to-face interactions. However, some shoppers have found that the national forum makes it a bit more difficult to get the best deal possible. Because vehicles are offered by private owners, it isn’t always easy to find the precise vehicle you want. However, the website does provide a fairly complete search function to help you narrow your choices according to vehicle type, make and model, mileage, and year.


This is a highly touted website for used vehicles when people are specifically looking for local listings. Like eBay, it’s more of a “what you see is what you get” type of forum, which makes it difficult to shop for specific makes and models. The search mechanism appears to be geared more efficiently to shopping according to price range, providing a list of a wide variety of vehicles currently available in that range. It is important to note that because Craigslist offers free postings, there can be a higher percentage of scam artists lurking – proceed with caution.


For individuals interested in the classic car collection, Hemmings is considered one of the top online spots. This website offers a wide range of offerings from private sellers, allowing you to find everything from a fixer-up to a classic mustang in cherry condition. The search mechanism is somewhat limited, allowing shoppers to browse according to decade, price and condition. The website also breaks down offers from dealers, private sellers and auctions.


This online retailer offers both new and used vehicles through their website. Searches are location specific, with shoppers asked to enter a zip code to initiate any search. Once you have narrowed your location, you can search for both new and used vehicles by make and model, features and even miles-per-gallon. Used vehicle searches also allow you to specify year, price and mileage logged. All cars listed on the website are “Carmax Quality Certified.” The cars come from more than 100 Carmax physical locations throughout the southern half of the United States, the Midwest and a handful of locations in the New England area.


This website will also direct used car shoppers to local deals in their area. The website is committed to helping those in the market for new or used vehicles find the right car at a fair price. In addition to an ample inventory shoppers can browse online, the website provides plenty of information about how to become a smart car shopper. The website also provides VIN lookups so that interested shoppers can obtain vehicle history reports on specific used cars by simply entering the vehicle’s VIN in the websites search tool.


This website actually combines a host of used car websites into a single convenient location. Shoppers will find listings from AutoTrader, Cars.com, Cars Direct, Craigslist, and eBay Motors. Most shoppers will find the search tool to be very specific and the website to be user-friendly overall. The site is relatively new and constantly evolving, but it may be a resource worth checking in your quest for the perfect used vehicle.

Finding a used car online is easier today than ever before, thanks to a wealth of websites dedicated to just this purpose. With many resources for inventory, as well as information on how to buy a used car safely and smartly, you may be able to locate the perfect vehicle for your family without ever leaving the comfort of home.

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